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United Activities Unlimited

About UAU

United Activities Unlimited, Inc. (UAU) is a community-based agency that provides comprehensive social services, educational supports, enrichment activities, prevention services, counseling and workforce development training to inspire, transform and empower individuals of all ages.

UAU was incorporated in 1977 by a group of concerned educators striving to provide positive alternatives to young people in the wake of the New York City financial crisis.  In an effort to provide a safe haven for Staten Island youth, community activists joined forces to secure funds to open a free afterschool program. As a result of their efforts, United Activities Unlimited was founded.

United Activities Unlimited (UAU) has been serving Staten Island and other communities for over four decades. UAU is responsive to the needs of diverse populations and designs and implements programs that support positive outcomes for individuals and communities.

UAU’s broad breadth of services include afterschool programs, community centers, workforce development programs, employment training, prevention education and counseling, family and social services, fatherhood programs, college preparatory activities, literacy, summer camps and educational enrichment programs for youth and adults.

UAU is dedicated to the engagement, education and empowerment of individuals and strives to transform individuals and communities to create a better future.

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